Top 100 Latest Indonesian Song

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Top 100 Indonesian Song

Music of Indonesia

Indonesian music shows its diversity in culture, creativity with local music, and subsequent foreign influences in music that molded contemporary music genres in the country. Almost thousands of islands in Indonesia have its own artistic and cultural character and history, and this made its way to creating hundreds of varieties of music in different forms that is often accompanied by theater and dance.

Flores, Bali, Sumatra, Java, and other islands have their own music that is being recorded and documented, and research by scholars both Indonesian and international is ongoing. Indonesian music contains historical records and different Indonesian tribes that perform chants and songs played with the traditional instruments during rituals. At present time, contemporary music in Indonesia is famous in the country as well as the neighboring countries like Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The traditional songs and music in the country are usually the harmonic type of music with influence of Malay and Indian classical music and have strong beat. The said influence is seen and heard in the popular traditional music genre of Dangdut.

Indonesian Contemporary Music

The country’s contemporary music is bright and strong. Throughout the years, musicians of Indonesia are open to the influence of foreign music and other genres of music throughout the globe. Asia has been strongly targeted by American jazz, and other genres of music like styles of Hawaiian guitar, tangos, foxtrots, rumbas, and blues were performed by the country’s musicians. Because of that, different genres of music were enhanced in the Indonesian music scene, and these genres are hip hop, rock, pop, and jazz.

Music of Indonesia also has a role to play in its pop music culture most especially to its sinetrons, dramas of Indonesia, and cinemas. Indonesian movie Badai Pasti Berlalu in 1977 had produced its own soundtrack hit having the same title. The said soundtrack had its remake in the year 1999, Chrisye being the main singer. The said movie was remade in 2007 but with a different soundtrack, which still has the same songs that were performed by younger generation singers. Another successful film in Indonesia was the teenage movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta in 2002 in which it produced its soundtrack hits that have songs mostly written and performed by Mely Goeslaw.

Indonesian music today is enjoying international popularity; however, its popularity outside the country, specifically in Malaysia, alarms Malaysian music industry. And as proof, the Malaysian music business asked for restriction of Indonesian tracks on its radio airplays in 2008.

Top 100 Indonesia Songs List

No. Artist/Band
1 Download Isyana Sarasvati - Tetap Dalam Jiwa Ocean Mp3
2 Download Al Ghazali - Lagu Galau Ocean Mp3
3 Download TRIAD - Cinta Gila Ocean Mp3
4 Download Yura - Cinta dan Rahasia (Feat. Glenn Fredly) Ocean Mp3
5 Download Sheila on 7 - Lapang Dada Ocean Mp3
6 Download Maudy Ayunda - Untuk Apa Ocean Mp3
7 Download Armada - Sakitnya Mencintaimu Ocean Mp3
8 Download Rossa - Kamu Yang Kutunggu (feat Afgan) Ocean Mp3
9 Download Yura - Berawal Dari Tatap Ocean Mp3
10 Download Virzha - Aku Lelakimu Ocean Mp3
11 Download Isyana Sarasvati - Keep Being You Ocean Mp3
12 Download Cita Citata - Perawan Atau Janda Ocean Mp3
13 Download Acha Septriasa - Sampai Menutup Mata Ocean Mp3
14 Download Ran - Dekat Di Hati Ocean Mp3
15 Download Cassandra - Cinta Terbaik Ocean Mp3
16 Download Armada - Pergi Pagi Pulang Pagi Ocean Mp3
17 Download Hivi - Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta Lagi Ocean Mp3
18 Download Raisa - Jatuh Hati Ocean Mp3
19 Download Republik - Pilihan Hatimu Ocean Mp3
20 Download OST Cinta Di Musim Cherry - OST Cinta Di Musim Cherry Ocean Mp3
21 Download Last Child - Tak Pernah Ternilai Ocean Mp3
22 Download Tulus - Sepatu Ocean Mp3
23 Download Tulus - Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya Ocean Mp3
24 Download Fatin Shidqia Lubis - Jangan Kau Bohong Ocean Mp3
25 Download Raisa - Mantan Terindah Ocean Mp3
26 Download Cita Citata - Jangan Ganggu Pacarku Ocean Mp3
27 Download D'wapinz Band - Berharap Kau Setia Ocean Mp3
28 Download Cakra Khan - Kau Memilih Dia Ocean Mp3
29 Download jamrud - Pelangi Dimatamu ( akustikan ) Ocean Mp3
30 Download Adera - Lebih Indah Ocean Mp3
31 Download Judika - Sampai Akhir (Feat Duma Riris Silalahi) Ocean Mp3
32 Download Krisdayanti - Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan Ocean Mp3
33 Download Erie Susan - Muara Kasih Bunda Ocean Mp3
34 Download Shae - Aku Suka Kamu Ocean Mp3
35 Download Mytha - Aku Cuma Punya Hati Ocean Mp3
36 Download Sheila on 7 - Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Ku Miliki Ocean Mp3
37 Download Romaria - Malu Sama Kucing Ocean Mp3
38 Download Raisa - LDR Ocean Mp3
39 Download Ayu Ting Ting - Geboy Mujair Ocean Mp3
40 Download Ungu - Bila Tiba (Ost. Sang Kiai) Ocean Mp3
41 Download Al Ghazali - Kurayu Bidadari Ocean Mp3
42 Download Sheila on 7 - Itu Aku Ocean Mp3
43 Download Sheila on 7 - Seberapa Pantas Ocean Mp3
44 Download Tulus - Teman Hidup Ocean Mp3
45 Download Tulus - Gajah Ocean Mp3
46 Download Cita Citata - Goyang Dumang Ocean Mp3
47 Download Sheila on 7 - Dan Ocean Mp3
48 Download Sheila on 7 - Berhenti Berharap Ocean Mp3
49 Download Last Child - Seluruh Nafas Ini Ocean Mp3
50 Download jamrud - Selamat Ulang Tahun Ocean Mp3
51 Download Glenn Fredly - You Are My Everything Ocean Mp3
52 Download Samsons - Kenangan Terindah Ocean Mp3
53 Download Cita Citata - Aku Mah Apa Atuh Ocean Mp3
54 Download Cita Citata - Kalimera Athena Ocean Mp3
55 Download Ikke Nurjanah - Sendiri Saja Ocean Mp3
56 Download jamrud - Bayang Dirimu (Bayangan) Ocean Mp3
57 Download jamrud - Selamat Tinggal Ocean Mp3
58 Download Sheila on 7 - Buat Aku Tersenyum Ocean Mp3
59 Download Cita Citata - sakitnya tuh disini Ocean Mp3
60 Download Maudy Ayunda - Cinta Datang Terlambat Ocean Mp3
61 Download Evan Sanders - Cinta Dilangit Taj Mahal (Feat. Pia Fellini) Ocean Mp3
62 Download Duo Serigala - Tusuk Tusuk Ocean Mp3
63 Download Duo Serigala - Abang Goda Ocean Mp3
64 Download Ayu Ting Ting - Yang Sudah Ya Sudahlah Ocean Mp3
65 Download jamrud - Ajari Aku Cara Mencintaimu Ocean Mp3
66 Download Last Child - Bernafas Tanpamu Ocean Mp3
67 Download Sheila on 7 - Kisah Klasik Untuk Masa Depan Ocean Mp3
68 Download Raisa - Apalah (Arti Menunggu) Ocean Mp3
69 Download Meggy Z - Mahal Ocean Mp3
70 Download jamrud - Reuni Mantan Ocean Mp3
71 Download Armada - Katakan Sejujurnya Ocean Mp3
72 Download Melly Goeslaw - Bunda Ocean Mp3
73 Download Wali Band - Antara Aku Kau Dan Batu Akikku Ocean Mp3
74 Download Sheila on 7 - Sahabat Sejati Ocean Mp3
75 Download Noah - Menunggumu Ocean Mp3
76 Download Nagita Slavina Feat Raffi Ahmad - Kamulah Takdirku Ocean Mp3
77 Download Yovie & Nuno - Tanpa Cinta Ocean Mp3
78 Download Sheila on 7 - Melompat Lebih Tinggi Ocean Mp3
79 Download Hivi - Orang Ke 3 Ocean Mp3
80 Download Mike Mohede - Sahabat Jadi Cinta Ocean Mp3
81 Download Republik - Sandiwara Cinta Ocean Mp3
82 Download Caffeine - Hidupku Kan Damaikan Hatimu (Acoustic Version) Ocean Mp3
83 Download Sheila on 7 - Hari Bersamanya Ocean Mp3
84 Download jamrud - Pelangi Di Matamu Ocean Mp3
85 Download iMeyMey - Gue Mah Gitu Orangnya Ocean Mp3
86 Download Judika - Mama Papa Larang (MAPALA) Ocean Mp3
87 Download Sheila on 7 - Sephia Ocean Mp3
88 Download Payung Teduh - Resah Ocean Mp3
89 Download Judika - Aku Yang Tersakiti Ocean Mp3
90 Download Yovie & Nuno - Janji Suci Ocean Mp3
91 Download Ebiet G Ade - Titip Rindu Buat Ayah Ocean Mp3
92 Download Ungu - Cinta Dalam Hati Ocean Mp3
93 Download Opick - Rapuh Ocean Mp3
94 Download iMeyMey - Di Situ Kadang Saya Merasa Sedih Ocean Mp3
95 Download Drive - Akulah Dia Ocean Mp3
96 Download Raisa - Teka Teki Ocean Mp3
97 Download Sheila on 7 - Yang Terlewatkan Ocean Mp3
98 Download Sheila on 7 - Pemuja Rahasia Ocean Mp3
99 Download Last Child - Lagu Terakhir Untukmu Ocean Mp3
100 Download Melisa Putri - ONLYOU (Feat. Willy Winarko) Ocean Mp3